Shaman WotLK Leveling Specs – Enhancement vs Elemental – Part I

There is a never ending debate about Elemental vs Enhancement for leveling. I have tried both specs and if you want to level easy and painless go for an elemental spec. Concerning speed there is no real difference and also killing elites is similarly easy.

The main advantage of an elemental spec are the much better ae-capabilities and even better self-heal options. Also you are not as gear dependent as an enhancer.

I have rl-connections to several enhancement shamans raiding Sunwell Plateau. I will use these connections to bring you some enhancement leveling specs for WOTLK.
Update: I could manage to create a really nice looking specc for Enhancers. Click here!
Update 2: Finally updated both speccs to match the patch 3.1 changes of all trees and added “mandatory glyps” to ease with the selection.

Update 3: In addition I’ve finally updated the talent build to reflect Patch 3.2 and added even more Glyphs.

Elemental Leveling Spec WOTLK 1
Advantages: Very high crit rate, single target dps, excellent ae capabilities, maxed group buffs and mana regeneration
Disadvantages: If your gear is too far behind you will probably run out of mana while healing yourself.
Your Gear: Karazhan or better equipped and wearing a shield plus a lot of mail
PvP suitable: 1/5
PvE grouped: 5/5
Summary: If you have decent gear and maybe want to run several instances while leveling or you’re grouped with spell-casting friends most of the time use this spec.


See also the links on the bottom right of my blog and the most recent WOTLK Talent Calculators.

That’s it for now. More specs for leveling purposes will be added soon. In the future there will be posts for professional level 80 raiding specs for all three trees.
Have fun leveling!

~ by blackcud on September 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “Shaman WotLK Leveling Specs – Enhancement vs Elemental – Part I”

  1. […] you like to level as an Elemental please check my previous post about Elemental specs. Enhancement Leveling Spec Advantages: Very high single target dps and […]

  2. Can you please post the your sugestion for the Elemental Leveling Spec WOTLK 2 again?, the link doesn’t give any talenet build.

  3. I’m sorry. Due to improvments of the mmo-talent calculator (adding glyphs) most of the links won’t work.
    I will recheck all links during this week and am currently working on a complete compendium of wotlk specs.
    stay tuned


  4. the link for thet elemental levelling spec wotlk2 brings up a talents build with no points spent. can you email me the link with the points spent. I’ve very interested in how you speced it out. ty

  5. […] the first Enhancement WotLK leveling spec! If you like to level as an Elemental please check my previous post about Elemental specs. Enhancement Leveling Spec Advantages: Very high single target dps and quite […]

  6. I was just wondering if you had a suggestion on what order to get the talents? Happy Hunting!

  7. Nice guide here, but I just noticed your specs are off. Your Elemental spec 2 does NOT include Nature’s Swiftness as you’ve stated in the Advantages.

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