Shaman WotLK Leveling Specs – Part II

As promised in my last post here comes the first Enhancement WotLK leveling spec! If you like to level as an Elemental please check my previous post about Elemental specs.

Enhancement Leveling Spec
Advantages: Very high single target dps and quite gear independent (in comparison to a raid spec)
Disadvantages: Missing improved healing capabilities and Static Shock
Your Gear: Karazhan or better equipped (you will require a lot of +hit rating)
PvP suitable: 1/5
PvE grouped: 4/5
Summary: You only need some +hit to level with this spec. Decent weapons are not required. Your heals will be moderate only, but you will be able to cast them instantly.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more upcoming leveling and raiding specs for all three trees! You can add this page as RSS feed by clicking here and after that “Submit now”!
Have a nice day (:


~ by blackcud on October 1, 2008.

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