Shaman WotLK Raiding Specs – Restoration – Part I

I did a lot of research and asked beta players with what spec they heal their wotlk 5-, 10- and 25-man content. I had a look at many different specs, but the following spec seems the one which really makes your live as raid healer easier.

*UPDATE* Talent build improved and added mandatory glyphs. For a 3.1 build check this newer post!

Restoration PvE Raid Spec
Advantages: Very high crit percentage and nearly maxed throughput
Disadvantages: Missing survival talents such as Nature’s Guardian
PvP suitable: 0/5
PvE grouped: 5/5
Summary: Healing with this spec is quite easy. The massive amount of crit will proc Ancestral Awakening very often and helping you with mana regeneration and healing smaller groups.


~ by blackcud on October 4, 2008.

9 Responses to “Shaman WotLK Raiding Specs – Restoration – Part I”

  1. Why not put that point in improved shields? I haven’t run across any shock that I would use as a healer in a healing situation except windshock.

  2. Wind Shock’s mana cost is indeed very low (8% of base mana afaik). The main reason, why the last point has been placed there is for versatility and the beauty of not having any “half-filled” talent. If you run into mana problems and are not to shock something than your idea will be the most suitable.


    i would rather a build more like this…

    15% threat reduction is a very good idea as we will be critting very often causing double threat!!!

    along with critting 14% from just talents, improved sheilds plus the Glyph from inscriptions, you will basically never go oom and blast out heals constantly.

    meaning no need for mp5 any longer.

    using macros to maximise your healing is great

    using Tidal force in all healing spells
    using riptide in every chain heal eg.
    /cast tidal force
    /cast riptide
    /cast chain heal

    Improoved sheilds will be needed for end game content, increasing your Earth sheild to increase 25% just from talents.. including the Glyph from inscriptions…

    imo gearing up would be spell power>crit chance>mps>haste

    hope this helps XD

  4. Without having done any serious math to back this up I suspect that a LHW build with emphasis on crit and mp5 could actually heal really well with LHW alone. The imp LHW glyph makes up for much of the difference in terms of effectiveness when compared to HW (HW has more burst heal and is more manaeffecient).

    The restoration tree really seems to benefit LHW alot more than any other spell, the faster cast of LHW creates more crits (which unlike HW won’t overheal as much) which makes better use of the improved manashield talent.

    With downranking gone I see little use for HW, as for chain heal it’s a good skill but I haven’t been using it much lately. There just haven’t been any need for it. If you feel a need for it, it’s just two points.

    The new gear in WOTLK seems to benefit LHW aswell, with a near abundance of mp5 and spellcrit available. There are few raw +healing items (which HW would make more benefit from).

    My prio is mp5>crit>spellpower>haste. But there’s very little room to choose stats anymore, nearly every caster mail non-haste item comes with mp5, spellpower and mp5.

  5. i would scrap the 3/3 Healing way and use the points for Elemental weapons getting 30% more healing way for 45 more healing

  6. Gaah ofcourse i mean 30% more Earthliving weapon = 45 extra healing
    sorry but its late :)

  7. i strongly disagree Demtee. 45 more healing is making exactly no difference if you got 2100+ healpower.

  8. I agree with Demtee. It’s a miracle if I use HW even once in Naxx. I just stick to my LHW, it has a .8 second cast after a riptide or chain heal with WoA down (Also applying my personal haste raiting). I almost never run out of mana, even with the nerf to improved water shields. If I’m not chain healing, i’m riptiding or using LHW.


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