Patch 3.2 Restoration Raiding Specc

Spell_Shaman_EarthlivingWeapon Some readers pointed out that there has never been a recent update on the raiding speccs for people who want to do hardmodes and generally play high end content. Well here it is complete with gemming hints and all 6 Glyphs!

Ability_Shaman_WaterShield Note that this specc already has selected all of the six glyphs. I do not recommend changing any of them unless you are on very special occasion.

Spell_Nature_MagicImmunity Restoration PvE 25 Raid Spec 3.2
Advantages: Maximized healing throughput and versatility.
Disadvantages: Still we are not suited for mass group healing and even this specc won’t change anything about it.
What do you need: Gear featuring a balanced amount of crit and haste. Gem your gear for haste, sp/haste and haste/mp5.
Group requirements: Replenishment and AoE-Group Healers (Priests and/or Druids)
Summary: You can beat every encounter in WotLK that has been released so far with this specc. I personally did -every- one of them including Alone in the Darkness.


~ by blackcud on August 23, 2009.

One Response to “Patch 3.2 Restoration Raiding Specc”

  1. Riptide’s healing is quite low atm compared to other spells so if you use chain heal a lot and are not restricted to mt heal only switch the Riptide Glyph for Chain Heal Glyph!

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