Tier 10 Shaman Setboni

Spell_Shaman_BlessingOfEternals The new Tier10 armor sets are in the making and so are our newest set boni. As stated several times by Blizzard Staff the numbers are not final yet.

Spell_Shaman_TidalWaves 2 Pieces (Resto): Your Riptide spell grants 20% spell haste for your next spellcast.
Spell_Nature_NatureGuardian 4 Pieces (Resto): Your Chain Heal critical strikes cause the target to heal for 25% of the healed amount.

Spell_Nature_Tranquility The first bonus seems nice to further reduce the time till the next cast lands after you just cast Riptide and waiting for your global cooldown to finish. Some might argue that this is a fine thing to throw out a very fast Chain Heal practically doubling your haste bonus for this one spell. However recent calculations found on the mmo-champion shaman forums indicate that using Riptide every cooldown to boost a ‘Chain Heal Spam’ is actually a -decrease- in healing per second!

Spell_Nature_HealingWaveGreater The 4 pieces bonus is yet to be tested. If the extra heal is capable of proccing other spells and abilities (e.g. Earthliving Weapon) it could be quite useful. Time will tell.


~ by blackcud on October 11, 2009.

One Response to “Tier 10 Shaman Setboni”

  1. I use riptide on every cd, and for fights that arent ch spam, lets say putricide its a really boost not only in hps but also a life saver, and i also noticed i do double healing with rt then the other two shamans in the raid, running 2t10 2t9.

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